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Solving the small problems


There's a lot of big problems in the world. Problems like poverty, lack of fresh water, or sex trafficking. Those are big problems, and they take big efforts to solve. They can't be solved by one person, and they certainly can't be solved by technology alone.

However, there's also a lot of small problems in the world. I believe there's enough of these small problems, which can be solved by one person through technology.

99problems is my attempt to tackle enough small problems to make a big difference.

Here's the problems I think can be solved:

Ads for Charities

There's a little bit of a supply & demand problem in the world of charitable donations. People (at least in the U.S.) have started to shift towards being more charitable and more open to giving financially to non profits. The big limitter, however, is people don't know who to give to. They're also not presented donation options often enough (or in the right places) to actually make the jump to donate.

Non-profits, by definition, also don't have the funding to puts ads out to increase awareness for their cause.

Ads for Charities will solve this. It will be a free ad network for charities. Webmasters (in the broadest sense of that term) can choose to use available ad space on their website to promote charitable organizations. With proper analytics built-in, webmasters will have the ability to see what sort of difference they are making, and doners will have easy and frequent opportunities to discover and donate to new organizations.