Batty Bridge

A Rotating Alternative to Spades


The rules generally follow the same rule as spades. The only additions are the list below and the hand-specific additions
  1. Cut for deal. Player on left of dealer leads.
  2. Play partners. The side taking the most tricks are winners in each case.
  3. Alternate partners after four hands. You should never have the same partner twice.
  4. Keep score individually. The player with the highest total score after the 12th hand wins.
Hand Instructions Partner Switch?
1st Hand Spades are trump. No
2nd Hand No trump. Winners add 300 to score. No
3rd Hand Clubs trump. Hold with backs towards players. Winners add 500 to score. No
4th Hand Hearts trump. Do not look at hand. Play from table. Winners double score of hand. Yes
5th Hand Diamonds trump. Losers subtract 50 from score. No
6th Hand Spades trump. Losers add 500 to score. No
7th Hand Clubs trump. Winners and losers trade score from hand. No
8th Hand Clubs trump. Losers add 150 to score. Yes
9th Hand Cut for trump. Winners take all and add 500 to score. No
10th Hand Hearts trump. Winners add 100 to score. No
11th Hand No trump. Losers take all and add 200 to score. No
12th Hand No trump. Winners take all and add 500 to score. No