fileDrop on SourceForge

I've mentioned in previous posts that I was working on incorporating a bug tracking system into my Wordpress blog. It seems that, while many of the options are good trackers, they all lack one or two features that I am pretty eager to have. Instead of caving and installing a local version of Trac, I've decided to set fileDrop up on SourceForge. Long term this will be a very beneficial transitionbecause of the large variety of features and extensions SourceForge provides. As of right now I've only got the Trac module and the Git modules installed, but down the road I might implement the wiki, forums, and even a sourceforge-hosted version of the beta. What I go forward with really depends on what you - the developer community - want, so let me know! What have you seen on SourceForge that you would like to see on fileDrop's page? You can access fileDrop on SourceForge here. All bug reports, feature requests, and support requests should be put in on the SourceForge page. I will continue to update the Issues, as well as the repository, on GitHub until they are no longer needed.
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