Generate Domain Names

As I approach a new phase in life (I'm leaving my current job, if you didn't know) the thought of starting something new keeps creeping into my head. I keep looking around at all the people that are flourishing in the startup world and am simply jealous. So, as I daydream I come to the realization that I don't have a ton of million-dollar ideas, and often fall back on trying to come up with awesome domain names and hoping an idea sprouts out of that (not really.. but perhaps a side project could). So, today I wrote a little app that could fuel my time-wasting past time. Check it out at The idea was actually fueled by my love for Gumroad (and a bit of jealousy). As the story goes, Sahil Lavingia had this awesome idea for a startup. So, he hacked away for a couple nights, and came to the point that he was ready to show the world an MVP. If I understand it correctly, he had the domain sitting in a stockpile somewhere, and it just happened to be abstract enough to work. Man, I wish I was that cool. Speaking of Sahil and Gumroad, did you hear that he recently closed a $7.7 million round of funding? Congrats, man. If you're interested, the source for this app can be found on Github, and is written in Node.js. There's a little portion that I wrote in PHP and haven't shared, but it's incredibly simple. The only important part is that it's calling from a database of 200,000 possible words (that I may open source at some point).
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