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I guess I just loved designing the portfolio theme for WegnerDesign so much that I had to create a new one. Perhaps not, because I don't generally love doing design work. Whatever the reason, I've created the Swift Portfolio Theme that I'm selling on Gumroad. Swift really has everything that you'd want in a portfolio. It's run on CSS3 and HTML5, so you can flash those buzz words around all you want. Along with some of the tricks provided by CSS3, it utilizes jQuery to make it fully responsive so it looks great on every device. It's also got some crazy navigation features that might rock your world. I'll put some screenshots below, but you might just be better off checking out the demo. The Nav Pane Fact: Pretty much every website out there does the same thing for navigation. They've either got some buttons on the header up top, or some buttons on the sidebar on the left. BORING. Swift comes with a full-page nav pane that you can customize with as many icons as you'd like. Don't worry - if you add too many our fancy CSS3 will make sure that it flows pleasantly down the page. Look kind of boring? Like how in the world do you know what those icons mean? Just roll over them, and we'll tell you (if you don't go blind from our beautiful tooltip first). The Content You've played this theme game before. Some guy who think he knows it all is going to give you a pretty little textbox and tell you that's where you put your content. Well that sucks, because Mr. know-it-all doesn't really know how you want your content to look. I'm not a know-it-all, so I'm gonna let you code-it-all. That's right, with Swift you get to write in your own HTML so things will look exactly how you want them. Don't be afraid - we'll provide you with some sample HTML if you're not savvy enough to write your own yet. Hold up - I've read your mind again. You're currently thinking, "But Joe, these super long one-page websites suck! It takes forever for me to navigate around and view all the content!" I hear ya - they do suck. That's why Swift keeps the navigation always at your fingertips with the home button (really - check this one out in the demo. It's mind-blowing). Now I've been considering what I should sell this for.... What do you think? $1 million dollars? No, no, I couldn't possibly go higher than that. Well, here's the deal: I like you. Really, I like you so much, I'm going to give you this theme for only $10! That's right - head over to Gumroad ASAP to pick up the Swift Portfolio Theme for just $10.  
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