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Welcome to Wegner Design. Let me first introduce myself - my name is Joe Wegner. I work for a commercial printing company doing IT. Sounds pretty bland, I know, but in reality I think my job title fits better as "Lead of the Dream Team". Essentially I spend all day thinking up ways to utilize technology to push the boundaries of the commercial printing industry. It's an incredibly fun job to have, and there's a lot of freedom for me to learn new technologies and pursue "pet projects" in the name of self-edification. The ability to dive into these cool new projects and concepts is a wonderful opportunity for me, but in the grand scheme of things it often feels like a waste. Many of the project I work on here never see the light of day - certainly not anywhere outside of this print shop. This is where Wegner Design comes in. My goal with WD is to pass on the tools I create, the concepts I learn, and whatever stupid crap I obsess about throughout the day to the general programming public. So with that said, I present my first project to you: fileDrop. One of the biggest points of client-to-business interaction in the printing industry involves moving files back and forth between the customer and the digital prep department. Most low-budget/low-tech shops go for a simple FTP server, or a single file upload form hidden on their website. Well, FTP sucks for the average user, and single file drops are inconvenient, so I started the search for a better - and cheaper - solution. My search came up again and again with the same type of program - static lists of files with confusing buttons, ugly interfaces, and they're usually just plain slow. This was my motivation for fileDrop - to provide a solution for client-to-business file sharing that made sense. Drop the useless features, drop the hideous tables, and focus on the needs of the average user. FileDrop is currently in its alpha stages. I'm constantly adding features, fixing bugs, and taking input in hopes to build a product that fills the massive void in file uploading solutions. I've got a live demo up and running if you want to test it out. It may be helpful for you to first take a look at the fileDrop About Page. I greatly appreciate any bug reports or feature requests. I'm in the process of building both integrated into this site - but for now bug reports can go to my github page and feature requests can be emailed to [email protected]. Thanks!
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