Why Programming Blogs Fail

"Why Programming Blogs Fail". Sounds pretty morbid coming from a programming blog, huh? I don't think so. I think this post marks a time where I can finitely say that I've learned something from past experience, and will grow better because of it. I started WegnerDesign because there aren't any good programming blogs out there (or, at least none that I've found). Now hold on - I know you all just screamed "But there's like a bajillion blogs out there with great programming tutorials!!!!". Right. If I'm looking for someone to spew out simple CSS tricks in order to get some page views, I can certainly find that. What I mean is that there's no real programming blogs out there. No one is taking the time to post about the things they're doing that are innovative, or the things that might enlighten the next guy to a brilliant new way to program things. That was the goal of WegnerDesign - to write about things that people didn't know yet. But, it failed. Here we are, and I haven't blogged about anything in half a year, and my last blog post wasn't even about programming. I understand it now, though - I understand why there aren't any programmers blogging about the awesome things that they do. It's because they're too busy doing awesome things. When I'm in "the zone" - as most people like to call it - the last thing on my mind is how great it would be to share what I'm doing with the rest of the world. I'm more interested in continuing to write awesome code, and make what I'm working on even better than it is. It's an unfortunate truth, but you simply can't be an awesome programmer and an awesome blogger at the same time. So, at this point in the article you're thinking "I haven't gained anything from reading this. This is just some guy explaining why he's a crappy blogger." Well, yes and no. This is that obligatory transitional blog post letting you all know that things are going to start looking a little different around here. While I'm not going to be focusing so much on sharing my awesome code (because I'm too busy making it awesomer), I am going to start filling this space with my general thoughts on tech and the industry. I've been very intentional this past year about inserting myself into the spaces where I can hear about the exciting things in the tech sector, and I think I can share some valuable viewpoints on all of it.
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